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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My day with my cousins and Penelope

Every year (usually around the Easter period) my cousins (Kelsi, Abbey and Phoebe) come over to my house for around 4-5 days.

So Sunday was the third day of my cousins being over here. Today we went to the zoo!!! Goig to the zoo is a tradition for us, every time they come over we always go to the zoo.

So this morning we had to get up at about 9 and get ready, we left about 10:00-10:30. We drove away to the zoo, talking on the way there. When we got there we first had a quick look at the otters and kunekune pigs. The blue penguins were not out at the moment.

We walked around the zoo for quite a while looking at the animals and going to a few talks (were the zoo-keeper talks about the animal.)

We got to the chimpanzee's and like we do almost every year, we watched the chimp talk. We love the chimp's because 1, we joke about Michael (my brother) being related to the cousins and 2, we just love the chimp's.

When we got to the baboons I did my dance that I always do, the "I like big butts and I can not lie" dance. It is a bit of a tradition ever since one year I was being silly and started dancing around singing "I like, big butts and I can not lie" because you know, baboons have big butts so I was pretending to be a baboon. It's quite silly tradition but it's fun.

Once we were done we went to the gift shop, another zoo tradition. We all get to spend $10 given to us by Penelope (my step-mum.) I brought a ostrich toy and called it Carrot. It may sound strange but I'll give you an explanation, I am called ostrich by a select few people because of my height and apparently I run like an ostrich (I don't know if I actually do or not) and I named it Carrot because I am also called O'Carrot by a couple of my friends so I connected the two and named the ostrich, Carrot.

My cousin Kelis had gotten a lucky dip and inside her lucky dip was a plastic, dung beetle. Her first reaction was "EWW!!!!, it's an ugly thing!!!" We all laughed at her. She then called the dung beetle, Henry. She grew to like Henry. We all did.

We also played at the playground for a bit being egg's. That is kinda a tradition. We went on the swings and the see-saw (I got bored because my legs were to long for the see-saw.)

And that, concluded our day out



  1. The weekends with the nieces are always a noisy time and it is good to have the house filled with so much laughter.

    I think Carrrot is a good addition to the family.

    Can you think of any other family traditions/stories we have?

    1. Yes, I agree with you on that, the weekends are always fun and Carrot definitely fits in.

      I can think of a few other traditions like how we have hot chocolates before we go to bed at least one of the nights, how we have hot cross buns for breakfast a lot and how we always have discussion about who's turn it is to have Michael-Beni, smurf blanket and who gets which bed.



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