I am a student at Tawa Intermediate, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito

Sunday, 9 December 2012

ToodleLoo Intermidgets!

This year has been a great last year, I have had lots of highlights and very few lowlights. I've learnt a lot and have made new friends. It's been really fun and I'll miss this year.

My highlights would definitely camp, making our sustainability movies, drama academy and speeches.
Camp was a really good memory because I tried a lot of things I wouldn't of tried a couple of years ago. I did abseiling (the small one) and water rafting. I jumped of a cliff into water and went swimming in freezing water and stayed in for a while.

Making the sustainability movies was great because I got to work with my friends and create a movie for something I'm passionate about.  It helped with team building skills and I learnt how to edit on imovie.

Drama academy has been really fun and I've had loads of fun being dudes in plays and making fun of my Dad. Its given a lot of tips for acting and I had lots of fun in performing plays as embarrassing  as they were.

Speeches has been really nerve racking and fun at the same time. I enjoy sharing my thoughts in speeches. Both years I have written about serious topics I'm passionate about. Both years I have gotten into finals and I'm hoping I might win this year. Even if I don't win its been a great experience anyway.

I have had hardly any lowlights. My only lowlights would be Homework and all the times I've been injured like the rope burn on camp, getting hit in dodge ball, kicked in soccer and feeling sick for half of the last term.

Its been a great end of my intermediate years and I'll miss everyone.
ToodleLoo Intermidgets! I'll miss you all.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sustainibilty reflection

Sustainibility; Making sure we have the same stuff for the next generations.

Our class got into groups and made movies for the Outlook for Someday competition. We had to make a movie around sustainibilty. It could be under many different types of sustainibilty.
We made one on the environment.

Our movie was set as a news show. The topic was polution, we started of with talking about pollution then we go onto interviewing my Nana, Mr. G and Callista's grandparents.

We were trying to show that the world is changing and we want it to be the same for our children and our childrens children.

I think our movie was good, but it was a bit rushed. We were rushing in the last week to finish and edit.

We got it finished and I hope we win something and go to Auckland.

Something that I learned from this project that
I did not know before was…
Everyone had gardens and played outside all the time and the toilets were emptied every night when my Nana was young.

I learnt how to edit, and make a movie.

The part of this project that was most
challenging for me was…

Filming and editing so it was ready on time.

The part of this project I found most rewarding

When it was finished and ready on time. All the stress went away.

The thing I need to improve on the most is…

Timing and planning better.

The thing I found that I am really good at is…

Editing the movie, clipping and importing.

If I had to do another Outlook for Someday
movie, the things I would do differently are:

Time a bit better. Film ealier so we could spend more time editing.


Sustaniblity Reflection

What was the potential problem or current problem?
The problem is that the world may suck for future generations if we don't clean up our act and stop poluting and wasting resources.

What is YOUR message?
That we need to all help and stop polluting and use our resources better. We need to clean up and take better care. 

What is the purpose of your message?
Do get people to realize the consequences of our actions. And to make them want to help.

Who is your message for/who is your audience?
The people who will be able to make a bigger difference like the government and people in power.

What will YOUR movie say to your audience?
We need to stop polluting. New Zealand was a different place environment wise, and it was better.

What emotions do you want your movie to conjure up? (for your audience)
Realization, sadness, determination.

What type of film did you make?
A serious film. That tries to send a message.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Baby Otis

Wednesday 8th August, the day Baby Otis was born.

At around 1:30 I woke up hearing the sliding door opening and closing, it was dad.
I was starting to get a bit suspitous. Dad came into my room after around another 10 minutes, Dad came in and crouched  down by my bed.

"Hey Shannon, how are you doing?" Dad said to me. Mel started to wake up now (she stayed the night.)
"Er.. I'm fine" I relpied extremely tired.
"Yeah so ah... We're heading into hospital now"
"Oh... Wait, what? Penelope's in labour?!"
"Yeah, her water broke around 10 so were about 4 hours in"
"Oh... Yay!" I said and hugged Dad.

After Dad and Penelope left I got no sleep.... At all.

At school I waited for Callista to get to school, she wanted me to tell her when Penelope was in labour.
Callista arrived with Bex I ran up to them and said "Hey so you know how I got no sleep?"
"Yeah..." Callista said.
"Well yeah dad came in about 1:30 and said how are you? We're heading into hospital now so yeah" I said calmly.
"Ahh YAY" they both hugged me and we walked back to class.

For the whole day I had my phone on loud and was checking it every 5minutes. Then the we went outside to play a game. When we came back I checked my phone and saw a voice message from Dad and one message.

I looked at Callista and Mel.
"There's a voice message" I said excited.
"The moment of truth..." Callista says.
I dial the number and put my phone to my ear, Mel and Callista tell everyone to be quiet and they all stare at me as I wait and pace around.
"Hey Shannon, I thought you'd have your phone on you but... Otis William O'Carroll was born at 11:35 weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce" I hung up and turned to everyone and smiled.
Mel and Callista jump on me and hug me while I smile and laugh. Most people are confused so I say "I have a baby brother!"
Ms. T comes in the back to see whats happening and she see's me smiling.
"Has he been born" I nod and she gives me a hug.

I also see that the message was a picture of Otis, it takes me awhile to get the photo up but after drama I show everyone and they all say he's cute.

I see Otis later that day.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Writing Sample: It happened to me...

Snorkling In Fiji

I had always wanted to go snorkling (properly). In deep water where there is actually fish, not just murky water. When I went to Fiji I got that chance, twice. The first time was probably the best.

We took a boat ride from Denarau (where we were staying) to a small island. That was really just a small heap of sand with a coral reef around it.

When we got there we had to jump from the boat into the water. I was slightly scared, but mostly excited. The water rushed around me and I felt the cold water surround me but then it became warm because I had reached the surface.

When I got to the shallow parts I was amazed by all the little fish who were swimming around the coral caves. Some looked like they were playing tag.

One of the guys showed us what happens when you put a piece of bread in  the water, all the fish swim up and attack it basically. He gave us some bread each. I swam off and fed some fish, there was the tiniest fish about the size of a button, it was so cute and I got so close to feeding it but it got scared and swam off.

I also got scared once, because of a Parrot Fish... In my defence I had been told they have bitten peoples fingers.

I really enjoyed snorkling, it's a memory I will remember for a while.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Matariki Panels

Matariki, a cluster of stars also known as Pleiades. Matariki is also a festival that signals the nearing of the Maori new year. Do you celebrate Matariki? In my class we made Matariki panels. There are three thirds to the panels, each represents something. First New Growth, second you, and third Matariki.

For my first third (new growth) I had three koru, each different shades of green. Light green, olive green and a dark green.  I used this because the koru represents new life, so I used it to represent new growth.

For my second third (you) I had a Irish pattern that is like a weaving. It has four lines that weave into a X. Two are two shades of red, and the other two are two shades of green. The pattern represents me because I am part Irish from my Grandad. Each line is a main person in my family, Mum, Dad, Penelope (step mum) and Michael (big brother), there is also a little gold square in the middle that is my baby brother Otis (who isn't born yet.)

For my last third I had the star cluster Matariki. Seven blue stars that kind of look like eyes because Matariki translates to 'little eyes' or 'eyes of god'. I thought this was a good way to show Matariki because it has Matariki, the translation and what is looks like, all in one.

I think I did okay with making my panel. I maybe could've  cut it out better but otherwise I think I did okay.

Photobucket -Shannon

Friday, 8 June 2012


Be your self, everybody else is taken.

This is by Oscar Wilde.

What I think it means;
To be yourself and don't try to be someone your not. Wear, say and act like you, not like everybody else.