I am a student at Tawa Intermediate, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito

Monday, 2 April 2012

The K.O. tournament

Rrrinng!!! The lunch bell rang. Every had gone silent for a second, then murmurs of excitement and nervousness broke the silence. It was time for K.O.. We gathered with the other classes, they were excited too. Once the teams were called we went onto the field. Team A was playing first, I was in Team B.

I cheered for team A. Soon their game was over, they sadly lost. Now it was team B's turn to play. We were the taggers first. People were attacking Reilly with questions, he just told them to line up. The whistle blew and the tagger and the runner started off. The taggers were switching every few seconds. Someone tapped my shoulder and I ran off to the runner but he ran through the line so I tagged someone else. This happened a few times. Then soon all of their runners had ran.

Now it was time for us to run. We lined up and waited for the whistle. The whistle blew not long after and our first person ran to the line, then the second person and the third and so on, now it was my turn. I ran away from our line and to the other line. I had a few close escapes, and lasted at least a few seconds before I made the mistake of running to far from the line and got tagged. I walked away and cheered for the rest of my team. Once we were done we all gathered around with eager looks on our faces as we waited for the score... We had lost. We were pretty disappointed about that of course.

So, overall we lost both games, but left with dignity intact. I think that even though we lost both games we still play pretty well.


  1. Hi Shannon
    You did your best to describe the KO game to your audience. I'm curious to see if someone who hasn't played KO before would understand your explanation. I might just ask a student from another school to give some feedback.
    I wonder if you are able to spot the few mistakes in your writing? I picked them up pretty quickly but I guess after years of reading students work I have become an expert at finding errors.
    I totally agree with you about Rm 13's effort and I was proud to see everyone's dignity was still intact after our losses too.
    Ms T

    1. Hi Ms. T,
      No I did not spot spot any mistakes, but i'm sure that if I read over it and had closer look then I probably would spot them. I think that if someone who didn't know how to play K.O. read this they probably wouldn't know what I was talking about because I really only described the game we played not the rules and description of the actual game.



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