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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Baby Otis

Wednesday 8th August, the day Baby Otis was born.

At around 1:30 I woke up hearing the sliding door opening and closing, it was dad.
I was starting to get a bit suspitous. Dad came into my room after around another 10 minutes, Dad came in and crouched  down by my bed.

"Hey Shannon, how are you doing?" Dad said to me. Mel started to wake up now (she stayed the night.)
"Er.. I'm fine" I relpied extremely tired.
"Yeah so ah... We're heading into hospital now"
"Oh... Wait, what? Penelope's in labour?!"
"Yeah, her water broke around 10 so were about 4 hours in"
"Oh... Yay!" I said and hugged Dad.

After Dad and Penelope left I got no sleep.... At all.

At school I waited for Callista to get to school, she wanted me to tell her when Penelope was in labour.
Callista arrived with Bex I ran up to them and said "Hey so you know how I got no sleep?"
"Yeah..." Callista said.
"Well yeah dad came in about 1:30 and said how are you? We're heading into hospital now so yeah" I said calmly.
"Ahh YAY" they both hugged me and we walked back to class.

For the whole day I had my phone on loud and was checking it every 5minutes. Then the we went outside to play a game. When we came back I checked my phone and saw a voice message from Dad and one message.

I looked at Callista and Mel.
"There's a voice message" I said excited.
"The moment of truth..." Callista says.
I dial the number and put my phone to my ear, Mel and Callista tell everyone to be quiet and they all stare at me as I wait and pace around.
"Hey Shannon, I thought you'd have your phone on you but... Otis William O'Carroll was born at 11:35 weighing 8 pounds and 1 ounce" I hung up and turned to everyone and smiled.
Mel and Callista jump on me and hug me while I smile and laugh. Most people are confused so I say "I have a baby brother!"
Ms. T comes in the back to see whats happening and she see's me smiling.
"Has he been born" I nod and she gives me a hug.

I also see that the message was a picture of Otis, it takes me awhile to get the photo up but after drama I show everyone and they all say he's cute.

I see Otis later that day.

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