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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sustaniblity Reflection

What was the potential problem or current problem?
The problem is that the world may suck for future generations if we don't clean up our act and stop poluting and wasting resources.

What is YOUR message?
That we need to all help and stop polluting and use our resources better. We need to clean up and take better care. 

What is the purpose of your message?
Do get people to realize the consequences of our actions. And to make them want to help.

Who is your message for/who is your audience?
The people who will be able to make a bigger difference like the government and people in power.

What will YOUR movie say to your audience?
We need to stop polluting. New Zealand was a different place environment wise, and it was better.

What emotions do you want your movie to conjure up? (for your audience)
Realization, sadness, determination.

What type of film did you make?
A serious film. That tries to send a message.

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