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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sustainibilty reflection

Sustainibility; Making sure we have the same stuff for the next generations.

Our class got into groups and made movies for the Outlook for Someday competition. We had to make a movie around sustainibilty. It could be under many different types of sustainibilty.
We made one on the environment.

Our movie was set as a news show. The topic was polution, we started of with talking about pollution then we go onto interviewing my Nana, Mr. G and Callista's grandparents.

We were trying to show that the world is changing and we want it to be the same for our children and our childrens children.

I think our movie was good, but it was a bit rushed. We were rushing in the last week to finish and edit.

We got it finished and I hope we win something and go to Auckland.

Something that I learned from this project that
I did not know before was…
Everyone had gardens and played outside all the time and the toilets were emptied every night when my Nana was young.

I learnt how to edit, and make a movie.

The part of this project that was most
challenging for me was…

Filming and editing so it was ready on time.

The part of this project I found most rewarding

When it was finished and ready on time. All the stress went away.

The thing I need to improve on the most is…

Timing and planning better.

The thing I found that I am really good at is…

Editing the movie, clipping and importing.

If I had to do another Outlook for Someday
movie, the things I would do differently are:

Time a bit better. Film ealier so we could spend more time editing.


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