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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Writing Sample: It happened to me...

Snorkling In Fiji

I had always wanted to go snorkling (properly). In deep water where there is actually fish, not just murky water. When I went to Fiji I got that chance, twice. The first time was probably the best.

We took a boat ride from Denarau (where we were staying) to a small island. That was really just a small heap of sand with a coral reef around it.

When we got there we had to jump from the boat into the water. I was slightly scared, but mostly excited. The water rushed around me and I felt the cold water surround me but then it became warm because I had reached the surface.

When I got to the shallow parts I was amazed by all the little fish who were swimming around the coral caves. Some looked like they were playing tag.

One of the guys showed us what happens when you put a piece of bread in  the water, all the fish swim up and attack it basically. He gave us some bread each. I swam off and fed some fish, there was the tiniest fish about the size of a button, it was so cute and I got so close to feeding it but it got scared and swam off.

I also got scared once, because of a Parrot Fish... In my defence I had been told they have bitten peoples fingers.

I really enjoyed snorkling, it's a memory I will remember for a while.


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