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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My thoughts on war

War, Armed conflict between nations or states or between groups.
That is the internet and dictionarys defintion.

This is my definition;
War, somthing that ruins familys, kills innocent people, destroys citys. A horrid way to solve problems.

I really think war is the worst way to solve a problem and most of the time the resolution they come to could have been solved without all the death, pain and suffering.

We have been told that violence isn't the answer and we should talk it out. Then we hear on the news that there is some war going on in a foreign country over something like some land, I may be young and not understand completely why they are fighting but I know that there is a better way. Like maybe having a discussion about it instead of bringing out weapons and attacking each other. What will it solve? Nothing, it will most likely make the other people/person mad and then they will retaliate.

"An eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind" my translation for that, doing something bad to someone because they did something bad in the first place doesn't solve a thing, it just makes the situation worse.

Conclusion, I don't like war. I think it is the worst way to solve a problem, it just causes pain, death and suffering. I think people should negotiate or have a discussion about the problem instead of attacking each other. To put it bluntly, I find war barbaric and completely point-less.



Well, that was my rant-post on war. Leave me a comment telling me what your thoughts on my thoughts are. Also maybe leave me a comment giving me ideas on what I could share my thoughts on?

I just thought this could be something else I post about. Rant-posts, when I share my thoughts about something.


  1. Hi Shannon
    What a fabulous post. I like how you have started the post with two definitions of war to provoke the readers interest.

    I agree war is a terrible way to solve problems. But I'm curious why do you think wars start wars?


    1. Hey Stephanie,

      Thanks for the complements!
      I thought that the two different definitions would attract interest. I just really wanted to get my thoughts out there.

      I don't really know why wars are started, I guess we could really only know if we asked the people who start the wars in the first place.

      But I think that maybe it's like instinct, that someone has done something that has angered you so your instinct is to make them feel how you felt to the extreme.


  2. This is really insightful thinking, Shannon. I like the way you relate war to conflict on an individual level. I agree that it is inconsistent when we expect individuals to solve conflict by talking, but countries don't. Some people resort to violence very quickly, and some countries do too. Isn't it amazing that a country like Switzerland managed to stay out of both World Wars even though the fighting happening all around them?

    1. Hey Mrs. Moran,

      You are the third person to say that it was insightful!
      I think that it sends mixed messages to some people with being told violence is not the answer, then people are trying to solve there problems with violence.

      I find it really interesting that Switzerland was able to do that too.

      Thanks heaps

  3. far out shannon you show off.
    Just kidding but far out i realy really reallly realllly reallllly love this fantastic fabulous post and i have to say the dictionary definintion that is gay but yours WOW it blew my mind its like you already have an adults brain.
    I really like the saying "an eye for an eye just makes the whole world blind" that is a really thoughtful saying.

    I wish i was like you good at writing because you know you really have a gift.

    1. Hey Grace,
      Thanks a lot, it really makes me happy that you liked this so much and it amazes me that you thought an adult had written it.

      I really like that saying too! My mum asked me if I had come up with the saying, I said no because I'm not that deep.

      I am sure that you are a good writer. I'm not really even that good, I just wrote down my thoughts. I guess my thoughts came out well on this post is because I feel so strongly about it.

      Anyway, thanks a lot (again.)



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