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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Matariki Panels

Matariki, a cluster of stars also known as Pleiades. Matariki is also a festival that signals the nearing of the Maori new year. Do you celebrate Matariki? In my class we made Matariki panels. There are three thirds to the panels, each represents something. First New Growth, second you, and third Matariki.

For my first third (new growth) I had three koru, each different shades of green. Light green, olive green and a dark green.  I used this because the koru represents new life, so I used it to represent new growth.

For my second third (you) I had a Irish pattern that is like a weaving. It has four lines that weave into a X. Two are two shades of red, and the other two are two shades of green. The pattern represents me because I am part Irish from my Grandad. Each line is a main person in my family, Mum, Dad, Penelope (step mum) and Michael (big brother), there is also a little gold square in the middle that is my baby brother Otis (who isn't born yet.)

For my last third I had the star cluster Matariki. Seven blue stars that kind of look like eyes because Matariki translates to 'little eyes' or 'eyes of god'. I thought this was a good way to show Matariki because it has Matariki, the translation and what is looks like, all in one.

I think I did okay with making my panel. I maybe could've  cut it out better but otherwise I think I did okay.

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