I am a student at Tawa Intermediate, Wellington, NZ. I am in Room 13 and a member of the amazing Pouakai syndicate. My teacher is Ms Tito

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ngati Toa Domain

Hey all, This is my recount of my syndicates trip to Ngati Toa Domain. =D

On the 16 of February, Pouakai syndicate at Tawa Intermediate went on a trip to Ngati Toa Domain for a day.When I got to school every one was in crowds admiring each others  mufti. You could feel the excited vibes coming off everyone.

We gathered outside for a talk on rules and behavior, I don’t know how many people were listening because you could hear whispering coming from a few people.

We then marched off to the train station chattering, gossiping and giggling with excitement about the coming trip. I was looking behind me chattering with some friends when I looked back in front of me.... SMACK!!!. I walked straight into a road works sign, giggles erupted from my friends that were around me, I learnt my lesson then.

We continued walking to the train station and once we got there we sat down and counted off. “1,2,4,6,7,3” numbers were being said every where. It was hard to focus on what we were meant to be saying, and when. We all were advised/told to put on sunblock so we wouldn’t end up as red as a tomato.

The train finally arrived and we all piled onto the train like cattle being loaded onto a cattle truck.  Once we were on the train we all sat in seats of three. I was squashed in the middle, yay. The white noise that was muffles and shrieks of excitement were making hard to hear the person next to me. Once the train came to a stop I let out a sigh of relief. I made sure I’d left nothing behind and got up and off the stuffy train.

Once we got there we were told all about boundaries and where to put our bags, oh and how the toilets weren’t working. Yay life. Melissa, Callista, Bex, Zandrea, Nikki and I went and sat on a small rubber mat part. We had a mini shared lunch that was really only some chips and hummus Bex had brought with her. Everyone was either sitting down talking, playing on the playground or on the field playing sports. Laughter and shrieks of joy were all around us as we were just sitting down gossiping and chattering.

Finally the beach was open, most of Pouakai was now going to get changed. A range of colours was coming out of the girls bathroom. As they all had colourful togs. I walked down to the beach with my towel in hand. I laid my towel down with all of my friends stuff. I saw my dad (Mr. O’C) sitting on a log with some of his students. I walked over to them and started to talk to them.

After quite a few hours the whistle blew and it was time for us all to tidy up. Picking up rubbish and gathering bags, the boring part of the trip. Once we were all done tidying up we walked back to the train station, and waited. Once the train came we all piled in again. It wasn’t as noisy now because everyone was tired from the long day. The train finally stopped and we all hopped off the train. Most of us went back to school, but some of us left on other stations I left for home from linden train station, and that was the end of pouakai syndicate trip.


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